Waterfront Weekly


Waterfront Weekly


関税局―日EU EPA説明会開催案内 8月2日


Customs and Tariff Bureau Japan (CTB) announces EU-Japan EPA explanation seminar schedule


CTB announces that it is going to have seminars for further understanding about EU-Japan EPA, particularly origin certifying procedures, statements and proof documents.

The seminars are held at major cities, and venues and dates are included in the following announcement.

Attendance application/registration is required, and information on this step is also included in the announcement.




国交省―航空輸送統計5月分公表 8月1日


MLIT shares air transport statistics for May 2019


It says international air transport in the term of kilo/ton dropped by 16.4% and load factor was 61.7%





CTB announces the safeguard items clearance volume report by the end of June


The volume of imported safeguarded items, or Tariff Quota items, have been monitored and the figures have been shared at the Safeguard portal. The portal provides the cleared amounts out of allocated amounts by respective EPSs and by the items at the end of previous month.



経産省―地域景気動向 7月30日


Results of the Regional Economic and Industrial Research (April-June 2019)




関税局―貿易統計7月上旬分 7月30日


Trade statistics for first 10days in July 2019