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Waterfront Weekly



Customs and Tariff Bureau reviews its Customs Broker Act’s Standing Circular to enable the Specialists working at home. Actually, CTB has approved remote working of the specialists since the outbreak, and this revision formalizes the stop-gap to new-norm.

令和3年6月16日財関第453号 : 税関 Japan Customs

tsukan_minaoshi.pdf (customs.go.jp)



関税局―貿易統計5月分 6月16日 

Trade statistics for May 2021

Latest press release(May 2021 (Provisional)) : Trade Statistics of Japan Ministry of Finance (customs.go.jp)




Customs and Tariff Bureau (CTB) adds classification ruling examples

CTB has shared classification decisions which could be helpful for understanding actual interpretation and application of HS rules and notes in the form of classification ruling examples, and the latest edition adds examples of a Tariff Heading of 8708.

輸入貨物の品目分類事例 : 税関 Japan Customs