Advice sought after:


Advice sought after:

I listen to and dictate BBC programs (podcasts) to deter and delay dementia. And oftentimes I come to words and phrases which I cannot catch. It would be appreciated if you can tell me what they are saying and also correct my incorrect catching in the phrase.

Thanks in advance.


BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, UK funeral industry investigated for high prices

The Co-op group is the country's largest funeral operator and in the exclusive interview with BBC's Wake up Money, boss of Co-op, Steve Murrells, admitted the industry had taken advantage of people's grief in the past.
“Too long did the funeral industry keep putting prices up. It had persuaded itself right ???(1)??? thing to do because when you talk to people about that tough moment, price was not on their agenda. They wanted the more they spend in a way, they kind of felt like it represented the importance of that person's life. They felt obliged to spend it, and I think that created wrong behavior in the industry.”
He adds that the regulation is needed.
“We think that market needs regulation. This is a caring market that need to provide the best service possibly can at the most difficult circumstances, need to take care of ???(2)??? right way, need transparent pricing that even go on line and see. And everything today doesn't provide these basics.”


The answers came from Ron.

  1. It had persuaded itself that it was the right thing to do because . . .
  2. . . . needs to take care of the deceased in absolutely the right way, need . . .