Waterfront Weekly Editorial

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Waterfront Weekly Editorial

This writer enjoyed a reception after the industry associations’ annualconvention at a waterfront hotel in Tokyo.  The associations are namelythe customs brokers’, warehouse operators’ and tariff association. TokyoCustoms executive officers also joined the reception. (For their honor, customspeople also bought a full price ticket.)  

This writer intently listened to speeches delivered by the presidents of theseassociations and the DG of Tokyo Customs in particular with journalisticinterests.

He said among other topics that today marks one year before 2020 Olympic andParalympic Games in Tokyo, and Customs Service would work hard for safety andfight against terrorists threats.

This DG’s remark reminded me of a meeting with customs nearly three years agoin which I had asked customs to implement the WCO recommendation on CSDs, andhad been given a negative answer because they said Japan had not respected therecommendation. Since then, I have not heard they have changed their minds.