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1月の物流動向 JIFFA


DI for Transportation, Warehousing down 3.1 Points in Jan.


Japan International Freight Forwarders Association (JIFFA) shares the subject line information as under.



関税局―貿易統計1月上中旬分 2月7日


Trade statistics for first 20 days in January 2020




厚労省―勤労統計2019年12月分 2月7日


MHWL releases Labor Market (payment) Statistics for December 2019


Ministry of Health Welfare and Labor (MHWL)releases the statistics as under, saying that the payment for full time workers increased by 0.4 % and for part time workers it increased by 0.5%, and part time worker’s hourly wage rose 2.9% when they are compared with the same month in2018.