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The Why factor

Assisted Death
Is it ever right to take a life? Mike Williams explores the ethical dilemmas of assisted death.

0520:physician assisted death

“The case of Brittary Maynard, who was a young woman, who unfortunately passed away from brain cancer. Her case, her activism around her experienced with end of life care really prompted wide spread campaign around xxxxx California to provide physician assisted death.”

0725:AVD-Assisted Voluntary Death

0730:“I wanted to fight for legalization in other countries. It cannot be that very very ill people who would be judged as non able to travel by any doctors are travelling to Switzerland just to end their life. This is inhuman.”

1235:Hippocratic oath  -  do not harm

“The Hippocratic oath should be replaced by something else. I xxxxx xx swear any time I will prolong life as long as life is  worth living for the person concerned. And always the person concerned. If life is just suffering and it will never ever get better again, then I do have the right to help end this life in security.”

“Some others believe that this option has made available before widely available parade of care services, more available to patients xxxx the question whether participating in death row really is the most ethical way to approach end of life option.
Others believe that this constitutes slippery slope that it would disproportionately affect vulnerable groups and might even be expanded and, in the future, cue include patients with non-terminal illness or non-volunteer euthanasia.