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関税局保税地域一覧表7月1日現在を公表 7月25日

CTB shares licensedCustoms Area (Hozei area) list as of July 1


The premisesin which foreign goods can be stored, processed, exhibited and son are controlledby customs and to be licensed. The list shares licensees of the eightcategories of those areas.

FAQ9203-9206explain what are the areas and relevant matters

日中間上半期コンテナ動向 7月23日 JIFFA

Containers to/fromChina Grows 5.1% in H1


Japan InternationalFreight Forwarders Association (JIFFA) shares the subject line information asunder.

農水省動物検疫ドイツとの家きん関連家畜衛生条件合意 7月23日
MAFF announce poultry related agreement has reached with Germany

Animal HealthRequirements for poultry meat etc. to be exported to Japan from Germany

国交省成田空港屋内電子地図を公開 7月22日

NaritaAirport’s terminal builds inside electronics maps are shared


MLITannounces as under that Narita Airport’s Terminal buildings inside e-maps areshared for public use for free. MLIT expects this data may help creating usersand customers oriented maps and guides of the airport’s terminals.

動物検疫米国・コネチカット州からの家きん輸入停止解除 7月22日
Poultry import ban lifted (State of Connecticut in the U.S.A.)

Animal Quarantine Office announces that poultry import ban against poultryfrom the state is lifted as the notice informs as under.