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Advice sought after:

I listen to and dictate BBC programs (podcasts) to deter and delay dementia. And oftentimes I come to words and phrases which I cannot catch. It would be appreciated if you can tell me what they are saying and also correct my incorrect catching in the attempted transcript.

Thanks in advance.


BBC Money Box Credit Score

What is a credit score?
A credit score is basically a number that is attached to you. That will give lenders an idea how good or bad risk you are. That is a simple answer. A slightly more complicated answer is, in the U.K. we don't have one number. In the U.S. you do, but different credit reference agencies and indeed different lenders may come up with the different ways of scoring you.
And sometimes scores and credit reports are spoken about ???(1)??? same things but not so. What's the difference?
Yeh, often credit score, credit rating, credit report are used interchangeably. But, so the score and rating are indications of how good or bad risk a particular lender may see you as, and your credit report is a snapshot ???(2)??? credit file. Now that is really a gathering of lot of information about you, everything from where you live, where you lived previously through to ???(3)??? everything declared bankrupt, what sort of kind loans and credit you have now and how you manage to repay them. And the score takes that information and comes up with ???(4)??? how good you are financially.
So report is almost like a financial C.V.
Yes, your report is financial passport, C.V. or ???(5)??? that usually gives the lender how you are seen by prospective lender and credit providers.