On the waterfront

動物検疫―米国・ペンシルバニア州からの家きん輸入停止解除 8月9日


Poultry import ban lifted (State of Pennsylvania in the U.S.A.)


Animal Quarantine Office announces that poultry import ban against poultry from the state is lifted as the notice informs as under.




国交省―ダブル連結トラックの運行路線拡充上 8月9日


MLIT expands the routes articulated lorry can drive







Plant protection lifts import ban against avocados from Columbia


The authority has lifted the imported ban though it still retains certain health conditions for the fruit’s importation.





食品検査―イタリア産ピスタチオナッツア及びその加工品 8月9日


Food safety authority alerted pistachios and its preparation from Italy


The authority alerted that pistachios and its preparation because it has identified, aflatoxin, AFT, a controlled substance by Food Sanitation Law, from the shipment coming from Italy.The authority has determined mandatory inspection against the inbound shipments of the stuff from Italy.